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John Kurowski

John is a Dramatist Guild member and recently won the Arlan Ropp Playwrights Award at Surfside Playhouse community theatre in Cocoa Beach Florida.  As a result, his winning play “Tripp and Fall” was fully staged and produced at the playhouse July 19-21, 2019.  Audiences’ responses filled the theatre with laughter, and at one point, tears.  John also has written several 10-minute plays and explore a variety of subjects.  He is working on more full length plays as well.


John has been director, musical director, and actor/performer/singer in over 100 productions including regional professional theatres. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Music Education and a master’s degree in Educational Technology. He understands character development, emotional audience responses, comedic timing, physical comedy, and sensitive situations.  John has created staged shows in the community and in the educational environment. As an educator, he creates videos that teach, inform, explore topics, and entertain for both teachers and students.  In his TV production classes, he helps students with storyboards, script writing, cinematography, and editing short film/video productions.  His students have placed 1st-3rd consistently in the state of Florida each year for the past 20 years and one was recognized as “Best in Show” at the International Student Media Festival in San Diego. John also stages his student choir performances with theatrical elements and settings. “Tripp and Fall” has been in the works for many years.  He began it after a visit to Boston and seeing many British farces.  EMAIL-John@jjvent.com

Full Length Plays:

Tripp and Fall

Short Plays:

Blue Sky

A confused Mr. Winston enters then Blue Sky realty office.  He is greeted by Mr. Gates.  We learn more about the life of Mr. Winston as the discussion continues.  Mr. Gates gives him guidance, and he soon discovers that this is not a normal realty.  

Delayed Therapy ( Dramedy )

Three strangers are waiting for their ride share service to pick them up.  The problem is that they in the middle of a winter storm and all cars are having trouble maneuvering in the weather.  A discussion begins as they wait.  The situation allows them to let down their guard down and they share more about themselves than they normally would with strangers.  This delay serves as therapy session for the 3 strangers and relationships develop.

Flying Truth

Parker is a traveler flying home to see his/her family for the holidays. By chance, the assigned seat is next to Joyce, another traveler on a work-related trip. The two easily fall into a friendly conversation that leads Parker to talking about a secretive life. Joyce is a stranger and a proposed good listener. Parker has nothing to lose by answering her innocuous questions. Parker has no idea that the answers are guiding him/her towards the person he/she wants to be.

 The Post

A married couple are learning how to cope with the current political climate.  David has decided to write a social media post that may be controversial.  The two of them dive into a discussion evaluating how the post can affect their situation.